5 Fun Way to Rock a Sweater 

It’s finally cooler here in FL 🙌

Bring on the sweaters!

I’ve had my eye on this Free People sweater since we got it in a couple weeks ago. Heart eyes for days. I had so many ideas about how to wear it. I narrowed it down to five, here they are!  These looks don’t just apply to this sweater, Fall is the season of sweaters so have fun with these ideas!

1. Leather Leggings.

2. Floral Dress.  With some killer boots this one would be my favorite!

3. Topshop Leather Mini Skirt. This is the winner in my book.

4. Topshop Pleated Skirt.  I own this and decided to pop it on!

5. Funky Topshop Jeans. These are short on me but so fun! They are the Jamie (my favorite) and they’re embroidered.

I only buy something if I can wear it like 20 different ways so I’m close with this sweater. Haha. See you Friday 👋



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