I Chose the Floral Dress

I went to a wedding last night, it was beautiful! Weddings are probably one of my favorite things ever.  Watching two people commit to loving and caring for each other like Christ loved His church gives me such hope!

All that aside, the wedding was an easy way for me to justify buying a new dress.  And boots 🙂 I’ve had my eye on a dress at work for a little while now.  It is a simple slip dress, very similar to the one in this post, but floral.  Never thought I’d choose a floral print over a solid one.  Well, I did, the day has come.  Time to get wild.  Time for some pattern in my life!  Feeling good about it.  For the wedding (and work the next day) I paired it with my Free People military jacket and my new Sam Edelman boots!  Links for all below ↓

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

These boots came straight from heaven.  I just threw out my favorite pair of black booties and was having a bit of  hard time.  First off, I had been holding off throwing them out for at least 6 months.  They probably should have gone before then.  Second, I hadn’t found their replacement yet!  Needless to say, it was hard for me to let go of them.  But yesterday I found these when I ran out with my mom.  I found them at Nordstrom, I work there but hadn’t seen them before!  Anyways, I now have them and that is all that matters!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Here are the links to my outfits:

Floral Dress

Military Jacket

Boots (heart eyes)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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