Boots for Days…

Happy Monday!  Hope  everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I went to a wedding (the last one I’d been to was 4 years ago), had an incredibly productive day at work yesterday, and a much needed family dinner.  May sound boring but I feel so blessed!

Looking for the perfect Fall/Winter boots? I’ve pulled together a few of my favorites and included links for easy shopping!  I love putting together these guides, let me know if they are at all helpful ❤


Link to these ↑

In my last ootd post (read here), I am wearing my favorite new pair of boots. They are Sam Edelman and absolutely gawgeous. I’m having to pace myself, my last pair similar to these I completely wore the heel down. I have to keep telling myself that I can’t wear them everyday! Well, I guess I can, but should I?


Link to these ↑

Velvet is so hot right now, so these trendy boots would be the perfect addition to a Fall ’16 wardrobe.




Link to these ↑

I love these.  They would be a splurge but they are gorgeous!  I personally would go for this pair because of the shorter heel, but rock the heel if you want.

Link to these ↑

p.s. Thank you to Amanda at The Miller Affect for her incredibly helpful post about putting together a collage.  It may have taken me reading through it five times but I’ve got it now!

Fellow Bloggers check out her collage how to here → How to Make a Collage Using Keynote

Check out her blog here → The Miller Affect

Go rock the rest of your Monday!  Show it who’s boss!




2 thoughts on “Boots for Days…

  1. The knee high boots….to die for! I’m looking for a good pair of knee highs that are comparable to Stuart Weitzman bc lets be real, my wallet can’t afford those 😦 but I seriously drool over them every time I shop online at Nordstrom. I’ve been noticing more and more velvet everything and although I’m not a huge fan, theyre kind of growing on me….it also helps that they’re probably so soft!

    xo, JJ


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