These are a Few of My Favorite Things! Pt. 1

Last night I grabbed dinner with a friend after work and it was so refreshing.  I was motivated to do stuff when I got home so I studied a little bit then watched the new This is Us (one of my favorite things ↓) episode while working on my abs of steel…jk.  But I did do some crunches and squats to justify spending time watching TV 🙂 After that I showered then I studied a bit in bed.  Studying in bed was probably not my best idea of the day 🙂  My Critical Thinking course is kinda whooping my behind right now. Today I am off and savoring it because this weekend is bound to be a wild one.

This post is going to be the first in a weekly series I’m going to do leading up to Christmas!  This one is a bit of a round up of my favs from November, they range from sweaters to food and everything in between.  In the next couple weeks they are going to be gifting ideas!

No. 1

H&M Sweater

It’s only $19.99!

I came home to this and an amazing Vince look alike skirt one night.  Thank you mommy ❤  I’ve already worn this with my black Free People skirt and gold jewelry and it was such a fun winter look!


No. 2 & 3

Glossier Balm Dotcom in Cherry 

I love all things Glossier but recently ran out on my plain Balm so I resorted to using the cherry. The reason I wasn’t using it before is I’m not a huge fan of the cherry flavor that it has so I stuck with my mint or plain Balm. Let me tell you about the cherry though…It is uhmazing! It adds a slight tint that is absolutely perfect!  I’ve been alternating this and Gen. G for most of November.

Glossier Generation G in Like

This matte lipstick is perfect.  It’s just pigmented enough.  If I don’t want it as matte I’ll dab a little Balm on top or if I’m feeling wild a little Mac Lipgloss.



No. 4

Black Studded Crossbody Purse

I have one (pictured in featured image) that I got a couple years ago for my birthday.  Here is the exact one I have, used on Poshmark.  The one above and below is similar. I’ve loved this bag for just throwing on with something, it instantly pulls an outfit together.


No. 5

Exfoliating Washcloth

This is something my sisters introduced me to and I use it on my body every time I shower, and on my face every other day.  You can find them so cheap on Amazon and I’ve found them in most beauty stores.


No. 6

Little Face Razors

These things are so cheap and such life savers!  It sounds a bit crazy but taking all the little baby hairs off your face really helps with makeup application and breakouts.


No. 7

This is Us

This is a new TV show that my mom introduced me to.  It is seriously one of the best things I’ve watched in a long time.  Such a sweet show about family and just life in general.  Be ready to cry.

No. 8 & 9

Lundburg Brown Rice Cakes & Avocados

Weird I know, but they are the perfect snack with some avocado on top or hummus and carrots!


Imagine a picture of an avocado right here.  Couldn’t figure out how to save one from google.  Oops.

No. 10

Lat&Lo Bar Bracelet 

I’m sure you guys have noticed how obsessed I am with this bracelet.  I love anything delicate and gold so I mix this bracelet with any cheaper ones I wear and it instantly adds a more personal feel.  I’m looking for some good gold layering necklaces to ask for this Christmas.  If you guys have any recommendations let me know!


Well, that is it for today!  I’m off to study.

❤ ,



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