Hello Again


I don’t even know how to start this off…it has been two months. TWO WHOLE MONTHS!?!  Whaaaaa!?! 

I went off the grid but I am so excited to say that I’m back. I’ll spare you the details, but I was starting to get overwhelmed and it got to the point where I was doing everything sub par and nothing excellently, so I took a breather to reset and get my priorities straight.

I’m taking on some fun new projects at work. I’m going to start featuring more outfits from Nordstrom, and try to let you guys have the first look at new items. 

To kick it off here are some pics of some jeans 👖 And guess what?! These jeans are long enough on me!  I’ve literally been looking for these for a year and a half. Phew.  It’s hard work being tall. 

*Abi, you rock*

I’m so happy to be back 😊

What I’m wearing: 


Similar shirt 



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