Let’s Get Real


Life is good.

The last couple months I have made a conscious effort to give thanks the minute I wake up.  It does something to start off the day with an expression of the excitement of being alive.  Sure, rough days come, but guess what?  You woke up.  I’ve come to the realization that it completely sucks the life out of you to be negative.  It’s exhausting.


I was feeling so drained.  I mixed it up at work.  Nothing.  I decided to take a step back from social media/blogging.  Nothing.  Everyday felt mundane.  What else could I change?  I switched this, I changed that, I stopped doing that.  Nothing.  What if the change that needed to happen was internal, rather than external.  What if it was me?  What if I was letting externals control me?  That’s not the way to live.  I was so busy blaming my surroundings I missed the real problem.  My attitude and my words were where it had gone wrong.

Little steps, big changes.

After taking a season to evaluate my life I realized that yep, it’s me and my attitude. That is what had happened.  I’m working on it.  Let me tell you, shaping a mindset is hard.  And you can’t just wish for it to happen and expect your desire for change to manifest it.  I tried that.  It doesn’t work.  All that to say life is amazing and this time around I’m going to be a little more raw and real.  Yes, you’ll get outfits and trends and all that good stuff, but I think life is too awesome to only celebrate one aspect of it.  I’ll show you what I’m trying, what I’m buying, what I’m not buying, what I like…not going to box myself in this time!

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